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Benno Neeleman

Hoping your NGO will be candidate for the new electedLiaison Committee on December 2014.

Love you,

I will never forget your sweating in these days (...and not only from the temperature in Guangzhou), but I will especially not forget your smile and kind words. I am sure you did a great job for the prizewinners, the HPA, the CFPA and so on, and so on.

Could you please say all my warm thanks to your team; asyou know, I left the meeting too quickly and had no time to thank them and saythem bye bye.

       Aha, I don't even know exactly when you accepted me and became my girlfriend. But it doesn't matter cause you are my destiny, you would be my girlfriend the first time you came to me under the arrangement of the God. Or I can say that when I met you I knew I would forever be by your side -- forever your partner and forever your love.


Yours sincerely,

       Happy our first Valentine's Day! And I am sorry for no staying with you at this so important moment.




Dear Mr. Chen,


        I can't wait to write a letter to my White Shoes Princess anylonger. It's also the first time to write a love letter in English for me. I feel great honor that I can give the first time to you.



   I appreciated it that the  God gave a chance of knowing a beautiful girl named Xuefen.Chen, and I didn't miss it since I have been waiting for the one so long time as a single dog. You are my destiny though you came to me  in an awkward situation.

Yours sincerely


        I was sad and hopeless when you let me delete my love expressing in the confession wall with an angry serious tone. You broke my heart, and I was  really afraid that I'll never get chance to speak to you anymore since you refused my phone calls twice. Thank goodness, I didn't give up until you picked up the phone the third call. I dare not to think about that if I didn't go on calling you and sending you message, it must be another consequence. Thank you for forgiving my impertinency, and was still willing to respond to me.

Mr. Chen, thank you very much again for all your work in this and I am really looking forward to meet again, either in 2011 or whatever moment to come.

It is our great pleasure to have yourpresence on the Humanity Photo Awards 2013 events. It is a milestone in thecooperation between China Folklore Photographic Association and the NGO-UNESCOLiaison Committee.

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      When you were vomiting, I had your back thinking the God must wants me to take care this girl, and the sense of mission "Let me guard your smile from now on "went to my head. When you stopped vomiting, I grasped the only opportunity to deliver a pack of tissues. When you expressed thanks to me, I stuck on your sweet voice. We didn't talk much all the way even if I fell in love with you at first sight actually from that moment-- you were so cute when you entreated somebody to open the window in anxiety . So cute a person she is! The first impression.What the nice fate of love it is!

这些天来,我忘不了您为此流下的汗水(并不是因为的广州的气温),更忘不了您和蔼的笑容和友好的话语。我相信您为获奖者,人类贡献奖,中国民俗摄影协会做了太多太多的工作。 现在,我已经下定决心参加下次的人类贡献奖年赛,不论2010年我们是否有机会相见,我都已经把您当成最好的朋友和伟大的人道主义摄影的先行者。这个世界正是因为有像您这样的人才会有所不同!

It was very nice to meet you in Beijing and participatein the Awards Ceremony of CFPA, as well as in the Forum and Conference of June22. I convey you my sincere thanks and congratulations for the excellent daysand meetings I had the opportunity to attend on behalf of the LiaisonCommittee; it was very great experience for me and I am very enthusiasticrelating to your activities.

       You are the one I have been waiting and looking for 25 years. And then just a few years more. You can believe in me that I will always keep a warm place in my heart for you.



Dear Fanny,

After a long and tiring trip from Guangzhou, I arrived safely back home in the Netherlands. As we did not say goodbye in person, I really wanted to write a few personal words to you.

2014 06 30

       All from the bottom of my heart. Forgive my tedious words.


Let us be in touch, waiting to meeting you in Sozopol.

       Let's be happy lovers forever!

I first participated in the HPA in 2006 and won a first prize in the Daily Life category. I was so excited about that message that I could not wait to get to Dazhou. As it took pretty long to get a follow-up message, my impression about HPA and CFPA was not very positive. "What kind of organization is this"? "Are they really serious"? And so on...! Now after two times being treated by the CFPA/HPA I have to apologize for my thoughts. My impression was clearly a wrong one. First in Dazhou in 2007 and now in Guangzhou I had such a great time and was treated as a VIP guest. This all was just possible by your personal energy you put in the whole thing. Please, accept my thanks to you in this.

June30, 2014

     We separated to back our own home never said goodbye to each other, and it's really a pity for me whom  was strongly hope to ask  for your contact information. Fortunately,I tried other way to get your phone number from the kind driver. I was too excited to  hold myself back to start greeting you in a unskillful way.


Dear Mr.Gallaud

       I got it  what you want type of love very early. The best state of love is to be able to understand with each other though we may have no words the whole day but the feeling still live in  our hearts. Therefore I always try to keep the feeling of loving you in deep mind, nerver and dare not to forget it.

您真诚的Benno Neeleman


       To My White Shoes Princess.

I wish you all the best in your work for CFPA/HPA as well as in your personal life.


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      I was addicted to communicate  with you, never wanted  to stop.  It's nice to say good night every night to  the girl° who makes me heartbeat. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I already decided to take part in the next HPA and even if we do not meet in 2011, I will consider you as a good friend and somebody with a great heart for the humanitarian issue and photography in general. The world will look completely different with just a few more people like you!

Patrick Gallaud


In addition, it is our honor to be invited asa candidate for the election of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. We willsubmit a work plan to the Committee during our meeting in September in Bulgaria.In the plan we will announce our commitment to the NGOs all over the world oftaking up our social responsibilities and obligations.

Dear Mr. Shen Che,


你诚挚的 沈澈



There have been too much going on during theevent. It is a pity that time for our meeting was too short. Please excuse usshould there be anything in need of improvement.


With my kind regards,



Shen Che