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原标题:DANDONG, China – The trucks still rumble across the Sino-Ko

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Contemporary "Foreigner Streets" in Foshan are not limited to "business". It is more often a place for life and entertainment. There are restaurants and bars opened by foreigners from more than a dozen countries, and there are a series of cultural and entertainment activities including "creative beer festivals", “Chinese and foreign cuisine contest”, “European Culture Exhibition” and etc.

Zhuyu Bay resort (Yangzhou zoo) was our last place in trip. After finishing, wewent straightly to restaurant nearby our hotel in Dongguan street and happily finish our memorable trip.

Experts said China can’t be expected to completely shut down smuggling across the 880-mile border, any more than the United States can easily end illegal immigration from Mexico. But there are also reasons to doubt if local officials are trying as hard as they might, said Christopher Green, senior adviser for the Korean Peninsula at the International Crisis Group.


After dinner we enjoyed the best performance in Yangzhou called "Spring River Flower Moonlight Night". It is the first masterpiece of Jiangnan gardens created by Yangzhou. Hundreds of spectators experienced a beautiful audio-visual journey across the "Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and from the ancient times" it’s was an hour-long performance.

“Why do we sanction?” asked Lu at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences. “We believe that wrongdoings deserve punishment, but punishment should not be seizing them by the throat and trying to choke them to death.”

Foshan Foreigner Street in the Ming and Qing Dynasty

DaY 2:

Trump’s claim there were long gas lines in North Korea has residents puzzled

Many countries have famous “Chinatown”, and there are also “Foreigner Streets” in Foshan. These places are "secret bases" of foreigners and exotic delicacies. Let’s take a look at the history of Foshan Foreigner Streets.

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At the small but usually thriving Yicuomao port on a small channel of the Yalu River, scores of blue-painted wooden and steel fishing boats stood idle this week.

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“The pain is felt at lower levels,” Green said. “That is not to say sanctions are bad, but invariably the effects flow downhill at the end of the day.”


After having wonderful breakfast, we have been to slender west lake scenic spot. There we visited scenic spots and historic places among five pavilion bridge, twenty-four bridge, lotus pond and diaoyutai, also had a boat riding around the beautiful lake. Later we enjoyed Guqing performance with nice song and puppet dance. It is one of the ancient Yangzhou culture.

Along with Moscow, Beijing has balked at U.S. talk of a complete trade embargo, but foreign and Chinese experts said it has been implementing U.N. sanctions with unusual rigor, and applying real pressure on provincial and local government officials in the border region.


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What's most important from where the world meets Washington

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On Yijing Street, where North Korean traders head to place their orders, their Chinese counterparts  told a similar story. One woman who sells clothes to North Korea – “old fashioned” colors, nothing bright, garments suitable for a cold country, she explained – has seen sales had been cut in half this year.


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Customs checks have become more stringent at the border, traders said, not only causing delays but making it harder to smuggle banned items across.

At the junction of Foshan Avenue and Lecong Avenue, there is a street not with few people, but you may occasionally encounter foreigners. There are also rows of restaurants along the road. From the decoration outside the store and their names, you can feel the distinctive exotic customs.

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Read more


Stepping into the Hotel Changle Inn you can feel the depth and distance of its history, the form of nature and freshness, is a rare quiet and elegant place. There are many cultural attractions around the hotel, the Grand Canal, Slender West Lake, one of the four major garden buildings in the country, Wudang Palace, Wangshi Xiaoyuan, Zhuodi Temple, Zhu Ziqing's former residence, Shigong Temple, Yangzhou Eight Eccentric Memorial Hall, etc. The scenery reflects the humanities and customs of Yangzhou. The rooms are decorated with Ming and Qing dynasty vertical lamp wardrobes and dressing boxes. Articles, chairs and other daily necessities, while in the hall and bedroom set up some hanging screens and sitting screens, restore the true sense of history. The former residence of Li Changle and the Fahrenheit Garden in the central part will be characterized by its better courtyard-style dwellings. In the interior decoration design, as the classical suite area of the guest room, the east side is the hotel public area, including the lobby bar, dining room, and multi-function. Hall, banquet hall, central courtyard view, upscale courtyard business and business meeting area; on the west side is the hotel room area. The southern end of the pot garden will be used as an important public area of the hotel with its good building quality and value.

In the seafood markets of Dandong, there are signs that they can -- to some extent.


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Water-filled tanks of crabs and clams dominate the produce on sale. With Chinese waters overfished, most would have come from North Korean waters in the Yellow Sea, one trader said. Another man, delivering crabs to the market from the back of his truck, complained that the ban had pushed up the price of the North Korean crustaceans by roughly 50 percent, which in turn had depressed demand.

Keyword: Foreigner Street

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Sanctions approved by the United Nations Security Council to punish North Korea for its nuclear and missile tests and bring it to the negotiating table are starting to bite.

Now, the foreign restaurants on this street have become popular places for foreigners, and all kinds of exotic restaurants meet their different needs.

The opening of the Yangzhou double Pavilion has become a landmark building for Yangzhou's cultural construction and has become one of the most important windows for displaying Yangzhou's traditional culture and modern civilization.

In Dandong, a city that sits on the mouth of the Yalu River at the southern end of the border, and that accounts for roughly 70 percent of cross-border trade, small groups of North Korean businessmen are still easy to spot walking the streets and in hotels and restaurants near the bridge. Their plain and somber clothing, of dark blues, grays and greens, are only livened by the obligatory badge carrying the faces of the ruling Kim dynasty.

编译:佛山新闻网 Eleanor

After having little rest, we went to visit HeYuan. He Yuan also known as “Jiexiao Mountain Villa”. It is a Chinese classical garden building that was built in the middle of the Qing Dynasty and is known as the “First Garden in the Late Qing Dynasty”. The area is more than 14,000 square meters and the construction area is more than 7,000 square meters. He Yuan was created by Him Wei in the reign of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty.

Luna Lin contributed to this report.


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Another woman said her business – sending textiles across the border for assembly and bringing them back as clothing for sale in China – was hurting badly, after Beijing banned the trade last week to comply with the latest U.N. resolution.

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Ban on North Korean clothing exports will hurt women the most

Ancient and modern Foreigner Streets in Foshan have a common feature - all of them appear in the vicinity of industrial clusters and all for the service of industrial clusters. There are many industrial clusters in Foshan. With the improvement of industrial internationalization, it is believed that there will be more "Foreigner Streets" and more foreigners will become "new Foshan people" because the "Foreigner Streets" give them the feeling of "home".

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The Washington Post traveled to North Korea in May 2016 and visited a silk factory in Pyongyang. (Jason Aldag, Anna Fifield, Joyce Lee/The Washington Post)

You can feel the tranquility behind its bustling romance! A cup of coffee may make a person flow in European time and space.

On the last day we visited Yangzhou Zhuyu Bay Scenic spot (Yangzhou zoo). The national AAA grade tourist area, Yangzhou Zhuyu Bay scenic area (Yangzhou Zoo) is located 5 kilometers northeast of Yangzhou city center. The Zhuyu Bay Scenic Area is a peninsula Ecological botanical garden which combines natural scenery, human landscape, flowers, plant and animal ornaments and modern amusement. Because the Han Dynasty was named after the planting of Fructus Corni tree. Now there are pavilions in Kangxi and Qianlong periods, such as climbing platform, Changqing Pavilion and lotus wind bridge. Its gardens are decorated with hills, bridges and plants. There is the first-class animal scattered ornamental areas in East China, including the beast area, the herbivorous animal area, the pet area, the Monkey Island, The waterfowl ornamental area,The crane ecological garden, the Sea Lion Performance Hall, the beast performance Museum and so on. The tourists can contact the animals at zero distance. There are also most popular tourist camps for modern urbanites, such as rock climbing, cloud ladder, air break Bridges etc. The inscription of the ancient dogwood Bay inscribed by the Qing Ruan Yuan University is still inlaid on the ancient stone arch ring door. There is also an 8 km canal scenic zone around the island, with distinct seasonal characteristics of plant forests (cedar Forest, persimmon forest, bamboo forest, etc.) and various flower ornamental gardens. Dogwood Bay spring has dogwood, spring plum, peach blossom, cherry, peony, peony, peony, Qionghua, summer has lotus, Lagerstroemia, rose, autumn has sweet Scented Osmanthus, red maple, winter has La plum and so on.In order to reshape the culture of Cronus, the first "China. Yangzhou Cronus Cultural Festival" was held in the 2011 Chongyang Festival in Zhuyu Bay, showing the history, culture and several kinds of dogwood products. So far, Zhuyu Bay has formed the The largest ornamental "Cornus officinalis forest" in China. Wu Zhuyu, Cornus officinalis and Cornus officinalis are complete, with more than 1500 trees with cornel trees and 30 mu of Cornus forest.With more than 1500 trees with cornel trees and 30 mu of Cornus forest.With more than 1500 trees with cornel trees and 30 mu of Cornus forest.

But Beijing will never completely cut the regime’s jugular vein, experts say. It fears a cut in oil supplies could leave it facing a nightmare scenario: either a hostile and desperate nuclear-armed enemy – or, if the regime collapsed, a refugee crisis followed by an American puppet state right on its border.

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After having some rest in my cottage, went to another cottage with other photographers and models to enjoy the flower arranging in bathtub with milk. There we watched live show of flower arranging with beautiful 2 Chinese model. I could imagine the old king palace culture when Queen used to take bath with milk and flower. Later we went to have dinner and tasted HuaiYang food. To be mentioned Huaiyang Cuisine is one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines, originating in Yangzhou and Huai’an. The restaurant is full of Huai and Yang characteristics. Most of the raw materials are mainly aquatic products. Most of Huaiyang cuisines are mainly based on Jianghu River, supported by top cooking, with the essence of the taste as the best, and the pursuit of good tastes, but also the elegance and elegance without losing its elegance, especially the unique concept of harmony, precision, purity and newness. First day’s trip finished after the dinner as it was raining outside.

“We don’t dare send anything across the border now,” she said, “and we’re trying to get our stuff back from there as quickly as possible.”


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DANDONG, China – The trucks still rumble across the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, and a nearby pipeline still pumps crude oil to keep the regime alive in Pyongyang.


We took our lunch after we had finished visiting the museum. We had a little rest before we went to enjoy “thousand autumn powder performance. “Thousand autumn powder” is a tourist attraction created by Yangzhou Xie Yuchun. It is located in Dongguan Street and was rebuilt on the original Xie Chunchun site. “Thousand autumn powder” reproduces the famous women who has far-reaching influence in Yangzhou history through various stage art such as vocal music, dance, instrumental music, local folk art, drama sketches and style catwalks. The performance is aimed at the needs of citizens and tourists.



We had our last breakfast in west slender hotel as it was our last day in that beautiful hotel. After having breakfast, we head to Yangzhou double museum. Yangzhou double museum is located in the West District of Yangzhou New Town. It consists of Yangzhou Chinese Engraving Printing Museum and Yangzhou Museum New Building. There are Guanglingchao-Yangzhou City Story Hall, Yangzhou Eight-Ghost Painting and Calligraphy Hall, Ming and Qing Dynasties Painting and Calligraphy Hall, National Treasure Hall, Yangzhou Ancient Carving Hall, China Engraving Printing Exhibition Hall, Yangzhou Engraving Printing Exhibition Hall and a temporary exhibition hall with eight exhibition halls.

Fishing boats from Dandong used to cross to North Korea to pick up seafood there, bringing it back to China to pass off as their own catch, bypassing customs.


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“Personally, the sanctions are hurting me a tremendous amount,” one Chinese trader said, explaining that almost 80 percent of the goods he used to send back and forth across the border – anything from textiles to chemicals -- are now forbidden.

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“The formal trade from North Korea has stopped,” said a third trader, “but there are still ways of getting it for people who are brave, and willing to take the risk.”

保利西街 Polly West Street

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But outside the customs depot on the edge of town -- where trucks are loaded and inspected before rolling across the border -- two packers said traffic was falling.

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Heyuan Garden is divided into four parts: Dongyuan, Xiyuan, Yuanjuyuan and Shishishan. The Shishishanfang is located in the south of Dongyuan Garden. The courtyard is surrounded by Dongyuan, Xiyuan and Shishishan houses. The two-story building and the retreat are integrated into the front of the house. We explored almost 4 hours till dinner in HeYuan and got amazed by the beauty and old architure.

Within North Korea, the economy is almost designed to withstand sanctions. When times are tough, trade will be even more strictly cornered by the military and security apparatus. The ban on textiles, meanwhile, will have a disproportionate effect on women in North Korea who assemble garments.

"Creativity and individuality" are the synonyms for Foshan Creative Industry Park, where there are regular creative bazaar and other interesting activities. However, you may not know that "food" is also a synonym for it. It is full of exotic delicacies.

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Successive rounds of U.N. sanctions have cut off over 90 percent of North Korea’s publicly reported exports, including coal, iron ore, seafood and most recent textiles, and have restricted the regime’s ability to earn foreign currency income by sending workers abroad.

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After learning national studies, we had a very interesting experience of learning and tasting famous “Yangzhou chao fan”. This food took my personal interest as I found this item in different places across China before. One of the professional chef showed us how to cook “Yangzhou chao fan” and we were given to taste also. It was really delicious and quite different than other chao fan. Knowing about traditional clay art and puppet show were also an interesting experience. I believe everyone should learn about this in early age. Clay art will make you creative, artist and passionate. Puppet show will take you a colorful trip to history. It was resting and lunch time after puppet show. We had our lunch in Slender west lake restaurant. In lunch we’re served by the all delicious and traditional food of Yangzhou.

“If you have connections you can still go out,” complained one fisherman, unhappy at the unfairness of the situation. “On the surface China is implementing sanctions, but it isn’t really. If it really wanted to, it could just put a warship here to close off the estuary.”

"Buying" is divided into two cases: first, buy products manufactured in Foshan. Foshan has developed handicraft industry, and the more than 220 fields of the industry can provide three or four thousand kinds of goods. Second, buy the goods of mainland China that gathered in Foshan. In ancient times, Foshan was one of the "four great gatherings" known throughout the country, collecting businessmen and goods from all over the country. Naturally, Foshan was also an ideal place for foreigners to choose and buy Chinese mainland goods.

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“China stopped buying their coal, and their money began to run out,” she said.

Contemporary Foshan "Foreigner Streets"

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While Chinese President Xi Jinping is reported to have disdain for his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong Un, relationships at provincial and municipal level, especially in security services, have always been very good. A little leakage serves to defuse domestic tensions and placate that cross-border network, Green says.

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Later after having having we went to watch 3rd Yangzhou International Lighting Festival. It was held in Macro Polo flower world. the lighting festival invited the top Chinese acrobatics group from Texas, a hometown of acrobatics, to perform on the spot for thousands of years. In addition, this International Art Lighting Festival has brought you a lot of play projects. In addition to enjoying the lights, you can also play here on the side of the game. There are fast-drying snow and ice worlds while You can eat food and beer carnival.While enjoying the light, you can also get in touch with the ice sculptures, enjoy the cool world of ice and snow in the hot summer days, and accompany the food and beer. It was a good ending Of day three.

“Sanctions bring a huge loss to Chinese traders,” Lu said. “Many companies doing border trade have gone bankrupt, and their owners run away, leaving people unemployed.”


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Some fishermen said they were losing money, but not everyone was.


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Near the village of Xingguang on the outskirts of Dandong, paramilitary troops and a fire company guard 10 large oil storage tanks, the start of an underground pipeline that supplies North Korea with the crude it needs to keep its military and industry running. It is a symbol of Beijing’s bottom line: keeping the Pyongyang regime alive.


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Today's WorldView


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China accounts for roughly 85 percent of North Korea’s external trade, and is seen by many as the key to forcing Pyongyang to at least freeze its nuclear and missile defense program.


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So far, though, sanctions have had a relatively modest effect on the overall trade numbers. In August, China’s imports from North Korea fell a modest 1 percent from a year ago, while exports were down 6.2 percent. On a cumulative basis, total trade was actually up 7.5 percent in the first eight months of the year.


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Go inside a North Korean silk factory


Heyuan is a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot and one of the first 20 key parks in China. The main attractions include the Fudao corridor and the riding house. He Yuan is a representative work of Yangzhou gardens in the late Qing Dynasty and is a national key cultural relics protection unit.

That may partly reflect North Korea’s ability to adapt to sanctions, as well as stockpiling by the regime and an attempt by traders to move goods across the border before sanctions hit, experts said.

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Play Video 1:51

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Our second day started with nice morning tea-breakfast in an amazing natural place surroundings by water and green trees. It was kind of a hut which surroundings are open. We learned and tasted Yangzhou’s characteristic tea and breakfast presentation culture.

“Both Chinese and North Korean businessmen have the same thought -- whatever happens, let it happen quickly,” he said, requesting anonymity to speak on a sensitive subject. “If we have to have war, at least let it happen soon. We have to settle this quickly, things can’t go on like this.”

Polly West Street, prosperous fashion and romance are its synonym. Known as "small Manhattan", it is the most romantic street in Foshan with food from Italy, Israel, France, Brazil, Korea and even florist shops and creative studios, presenting an elegant atmosphere.

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Lu Chao, a Korean expert at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, said Chinese cold storage and seafood processing plants at the border have fallen idle, while companies involved in textiles, coal and iron ore were suffering. Tension has even hit revenues for travel agents sending Chinese tourists to North Korea.

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But here in the Chinese city of Dandong, at the center of this country’s trade with North Korea, pain and frustration are mounting.

原标题:佛山古代的“洋人街”系边度?又有几洋气?“Foreigner Streets” in Foshan

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Sign up

Where are Foshan's Foreign Streets now? Let's go and feel the charm of them!

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Today’s coverage from Post correspondents around the world

DANDONG, China – The trucks still rumble across the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, and a nearby pipeline still pumps crude oil to keep the regime alive in Pyongyang.彩世界平台官网。明清时代的佛山“洋人街”

DaY 5

DANDONG, China – The trucks still rumble across the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, and a nearby pipeline still pumps crude oil to keep the regime alive in Pyongyang.彩世界平台官网。In August, protests erupted near the northern end of the border, in the Chinese city of Hunchun, after Beijing moved to ban seafood imports from North Korea.

佛山创意产业园Foshan Creative Industry Park

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DANDONG, China – The trucks still rumble across the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, and a nearby pipeline still pumps crude oil to keep the regime alive in Pyongyang.彩世界平台官网。Commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng told reporters in Beijing that U.N. sanctions allowed a “cushioning” period after a ban is imposed, Reuters reported. Experts said China normally allowed shipments to go through if they had been agreed on before sanctions were announced.

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North Korea has apparently been stockpiling fuel, experts said, one reason why civilian fuel prices have risen significantly this year, and could probably withstand a temporary cut in oil supplies.


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Chinese exports of corn, bananas and rice rose sharply, while there was even a shipment of 1.8 million tons of coal in August – six months after a ban was supposedly implemented.

There are also two ways of "selling". First, sell raw materials for production. Foshan’s handicraft technology was well developed, but the raw materials was very scarce and needed to be imported from the outside, so a considerable part of them were from abroad. Second, use Foshan's business platform to sell foreign goods to mainland businessmen.

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Until recently, many did so openly during the day, but now the boats only travel at night, traders and fishermen said.


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But a bigger question perhaps is whether smugglers can bypass the sanctions.

乐从洋人街Lecong Foreigner Street

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The trader, of ethnic Korean descent, said he had not seen a worse climate in nearly two decades trading across the border, nor had he seen the Chinese government so determined to impose its will — despite a lobbying effort from the local business community.

Caiyang Street is Foshan's Foreigner Street in the Qing Dynasty. 22 foreign business halls at that time were all set on this street. It can be speculated that the foreigners in these halls came to Foshan to do business.

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China watches in frustration as North Korea crisis enters dangerous spiral

According to historical records, more than 80% of Guangdong's foreign merchant ships came to buy Foshan iron pots during the Qing Dynasty, and even 10,000 kilograms of iron pots were installed in one ship, which were sold to Southeast Asia or North America, making traces of Foshan iron pots everywhere. Caiyang Street located in the south of Foshan was the center of foundry and refining industry. The appearance of a "Foreign Street" there indicated a close relation to the foreign trade of iron products.

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After lunch we went to Daming temple , Daming Temple was approved by the State Council to be included in the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. It was named Daming due to build in the early Southern Song Emperor Ming dynasty years (457-464 years). For more than 1,500 years, the name of the temple has changed a lot. For example, the dynasty called "Hailing Temple" and "West Temple", and the end of the Tang Dynasty called "Weighing". In the Qing Dynasty, because of the word "Da Ming", it was once called "Hailing Temple", and Emperor Qianlong's30-year-old emperor's handwritten title "敕法法净寺". In 1980, Daming Temple was restored to its original name. In 2002, it was rated as a national AAAA level scenic spot.

保利西街,繁华时尚与浪漫,是它的代名词。有“小曼哈顿”之称的它,是佛山最浪漫的街道 内有意大利、以色列、法国、巴西、韩国等的风情食肆,就连花艺店、创意画室都应有尽有……氛围高雅!

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Wild Foshan 佛山好嘢 第61期

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Foshan is an extroverted economy developed city since ancient times and there are many foreigners, so "Foreigner Street" came into being.

彩世界平台官网 59

To sum up, Foshan's "Foreigner Street" in the Ming and Qing Dynasty was a place where foreign businessmen engaged in commercial transactions, as well as a place for them to store goods or even live in.

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Foshan Creative Industry Park emerged in Chancheng District in the 21st Century as a Foreigner Street. Chancheng District was the one with the largest number of foreigners in Foshan. In order to meet the needs of foreigners' life and entertainment, the government has built a new-century "Foreigner Street" in the park.

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Day 1:

We have some fun and enjoy. Visit another old street famous for music, coffee bar, book store and many traditional delicious foods.

According to my plan, I took bus from Wuxi to Yangzhou. Arrived at the hotel at 14:00. On the way I could notice clearly Yangzhou is very clean, green and beautiful modern city. The hotel where we stayed is called “Slender west lake”. Yangzhou Slender West Lake hot spring resort is located on the pictures thin West Lake, only a road to the east gate of Slender West Lake. The resort covers an area of 130,000 square meters, equipped with hot springs, accommodation, catering, business meetings, leisure and entertainment facilities, only 5 minutes away from the city Wenchang Pavilion. Song Jiacheng, Daming Temple, Guanyin Mountain and other famous scenic spots around Yangzhou, surrounded by rich tourist resources, weekend resorts and leisure resorts. There every room is a different cottage with mixed of old architecture and modern facilities. Every room is far from another with well-furnished by individual bathtub under open sky.

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We had our dinner in Lushi Ancient house restaurant. The Lushi Salt Merchants Residence was built in the 20th year of Qing Guangxu. It is the largest existing salt merchant residential building in Yangzhou and an important relic of Yangzhou salt culture. Since the restoration of “4·18” this year, the Lushi Mansion has become the crowning touch in the fine section of the renovation and renovation of the ancient canal.

彩世界平台官网 71

After enjoying their awesome performance, we move to our new hotel named “Hotel Changle Inn” located beside a famous street called “Yangzhou Dongguan street”. Yangzhou Dongguan Street is located in east to the ancient canal and west to National Day Road, with a total length of 1,122 meters. Dongguan Street used to be not only the main road of Yangzhou water and land transportation, but also the center of commerce, handicraft industry and religious culture.

It is one of the best performances show I watched after romance show in Hainan. After the show, we went back to hotel for having rest and getting ready for next day.

On our day 4th we were in a valley called “TianLe lake Hippie valley”. It's located in Yuetang Town, a famous ecological and scenic town in the western suburbs of Yangzhou City consists of four sections: There are many interesting things to enjoy like kayaking, bamboo raft, double/four-person bee, couple boat, water bike, fitness square, pirate ship Game area: (crawling \ trampoline children's slides / seesaw swing), children's water play area: bumper boat, water walk Ball (Yobo ball), archery field / UFO shooting, top kart, sports activities: water golf, beach volleyball , group recreation activities: rock climbing, downhill, high-altitude sliding lock etc.

Day 4

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There are many celebrities who have lived in Heyuan. The famous Chinese painting master Huang Binhong, who came to Yangzhou six times, lived on the first floor of the riding building. The famous writer, Mr. Zhu Qianhua, has lived in Heyuan for more than five years. His old residence is on the second floor of the East Riding Building.

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Hello travelers, this is Ishtiaq from Bangladesh, can call me 阿德 in Chinese, doing study in Jiangnan University, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. I love to travel and take photo. During stay in China I have been to many cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Sanya, ShanDong, Hangzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Nanjing etc. Recently, I was invited for 5 days trip to beautiful and elegant city Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province. The formerly Romanized as Yangchow, is a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu Province, China. Sitting on the north bank of the Yangtze. Historically, Yangzhou was one of the wealthiest cities in China, known at various periods for its great merchant families, poets , name, and scholars. Its name (lit. "Rising Prefecture") refers to its former position as the capital of the ancient Yangzhou prefecture in imperial China. During my trip I got chance to visit almost every historical and interesting places and restaurants.

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Day 3:

There we learned Chinese calligraphy and enjoyed great performance of Buddhist monk. Monks showed the history of the place and Yangzhou through their wonderful performances. We came back to Slender west lake hotel after finishing the performance and we watched amazing Chinese tea culture with nice silent environment. The room was so silent even we could hear our breathing. Also had Q&A part after tea culture performance. Teacher answered all questions what we asked about china and tea. Everything together it was very wonderful experience. We went to have dinner in Yangzhou Banquet after the tea culture program. I think Yangzhou banquet is one of the best places to eat in Yangzhou. Their service was so pleasant.

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After a while, we walked through the garden to find the place for learning national studies with traditional clothes. The teacher arranged the teaching method such a way that we went back to the ancient time through time machine for a while. Sitting arrangements, book holding style, reading style, furniture’s everything had ancient and traditional touch.

It would one of the best China trip. I would like to thank everyone for giving me a good experience with tradition and culture of Yangzhou. Yangzhou will be in my memory forever.

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